One Century Wellness Retreats

Woman Practicing Yoga at Seashore

One of the most effective ways to break old habits that are no longer fully serving our health is to take a break away from our current environment. This is because the action of changing up our scenery and traveling to meaningful new locations send a powerful message to the synapses in our brains: it is no longer business as usual. Traveling away from our current life habits is immensely empowering because it provides a safe space that is free from distraction where we can practice the new patterns we’d like to see form in our lives.


It has been proven through neuroscience that when we take action in the direction of our goals, we begin to reprogram our minds in ways that are much more supportive of our long-term aspirations of building a longer life and greater financial wealth. 


This is why we invite you to invest in longevity with our One Century Wellness Retreats. Located on the beautiful beaches, lakes, and forests of North America, One Century Wellness Retreats offer executives such as yourself the exclusive chance to shift your perspective and set your life onto a proven path to wellness. Our life-altering weekend getaways are led by One Century Wellness certified health coaches who have the tools and expertise to guide you to a more balanced life that supports long-term health and vitality. We do this by providing meaningful experiences that encompass multi-tiered, therapeutic tools and techniques for wellness success.


Because we understand that both Americans and Canadians receive less vacation time than those in other countries throughout the world, we’ve created our exclusive domestic weekend retreat programs that are carefully constructed to allow space for both relaxation and an immersive wellness experience.