Wellness is a key platform for corporate growth because it is so intrinsically tied to employee satisfaction. With wellness comes increased productivity, employee retention rates, worker energy levels as well as the decreased absenteeism and healthcare coverage costs that all lead to a successful and abundant environment where everyone from employees to executives thrive.
In fact, increased productivity in the workplace has been linked to wellness for decades. Johnson & Johnson, which ranks #35 on the Fortune 500, has 126,000 employees in over 60 countries and has had a wellness program in place for over 30 years. And the relationship between wellness and productivity is even more evident in modern, progressive companies who recognize that a healthy, happy workforce actually enjoys coming to work and is willing to go the extra mile for their company. Many of the high-tech companies of Silicon Valley have workforce health practices built into their business plans.

Forward-thinking business leaders see workforce wellness as one of the smartest (and easiest!) strategic decisions they have made. The amount of money saved on healthcare, improved productivity, and decreased absenteeism makes implementing a wellness program a vital method for increasing worker wellness. Detailed research done by leading health risk assessment software company Wellsource and by The Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine highlights the cost savings and sales-boost to companies who make integrating a wellness program into their business a priority.

Our team here at One Century Wellness provides certified wellness coaches to companies looking for a way to boost employee health and wellness as well as strengthen productivity. Our strategy is multi-faceted: our coaches are all experienced wellness professionals who provide presentations and work with your employees to develop wellness practices both on the job and at home. We work with you to design a wellness program that incorporates our core practices and teachings into your workplace culture. Taking care of your employees will help you take care of your company.